Firm Advantages

1607 Capital Partners is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the markets in which the firm trades. The following attributes have allowed 1607 Capital to succeed in the past and will continue to serve clients well in the future:

  • Independence – As a majority employee owned boutique investment manager, 1607 Capital is unencumbered by many of the bureaucratic hurdles that can exist within larger firms.
  • Experience – On average, the investment team has nearly two decades of experience specific to the closed-end fund space.
  • Singular Focus – The firm is dedicated to investing in closed-end funds and similar vehicles. All activities of the firm, from personnel decisions to systems integration, is tailored specifically to this very unique segment of the investable universe.
  • Culture – With a relatively small client base, the firm is able to provide an extremely high level of client service. Everyone at the firm interacts with clients on some level and understands that the client comes first.